The following procedures for taking ANY exam at Pearson VUE.

1. Arrive 30 minutes early and bring your Authorization to Test notification, your appointment confirmation letter, and your identification (see below).

2. The test center administrator will show you where to store your personal items. You must place all personal belongings, including purses, wallets, watches, jewelry, cell phone, etc., in the storage lockers (or other secured location) provided by the test center. You will be given the key to your locker, which must be returned to the test center staff when you leave. The lockers are very small and are not intended to hold large items. Do not bring anything to the test center unless it is absolutely necessary. Neither test center personnel, nor Pearson VUE will be responsible for lost or stolen items.

3. The administrator will provide you with a copy of the Candidate Rules Agreement. You must accept the terms of this agreement in order to take an exam at a Pearson VUE testing center.

4. You must provide one form of acceptable identification (e.g., driver’s license, passport, military identification, etc.). The administrator will verify that the name on the identification matches the name on the exam registration. You must keep this identification with you at all times during the exam. If you leave the testing room for any reason, you will be required to show your identification to be re-admitted.

           (a). Identification must contain your name exactly as you provided it during your registration process, have a permanently affixed photo of your face, and be current (non-expired). Employee or student IDs will not be accepted.

5. The administrator will capture your signature (digital or pen) and verify that your signature matches that on your identification (if any).

6. Your fingerprint and/or palm vein image will be captured, and a digital photograph of your face will be made. The fingerprint is optional, but the photograph is mandatory.

7. If you have brought a non-electronic translation dictionary, the administrator will check it to be certain that it is acceptable and does not contain any markings or inserted material.

(Please note that the only item that a candidate may bring to the test that is allowed in the testing room is a non-electronic language translation dictionary. This dictionary may not contain definitions of terms. It cannot have anything written or highlighted in the book nor can it contain any added notes or documents inserted into the book.)

8. You will be offered an erasable note board and pen on which you can take notes during the exam. You must return this to the administrator prior to leaving the test center. You cannot take any notes from the test center.

9. An onscreen calculator will be available during the exam. If you prefer a hand-held calculator and the test center has one available, you may request to be provided with one. You will not be allowed to bring a personal calculator or any other such device with you into the testing room.

10. You will be required to sign the test center log prior to being admitted to the test. Your test will start within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time. If circumstances arise, other than candidate error, that delay your session more than 30 minutes, you will be given the choice of continuing to wait or rescheduling your appointment.

11. If you leave the testing room for any reason, you will be required to sign the test center log and show your identification.

12. You will not be allowed to bring any food or drink into the testing room.

13. You will be escorted to a workstation by the exam proctor. You must remain in your seat during the exam, except when authorized to leave the testing room.

14. After you are logged into your exam, proceed through the welcome and non-disclosure agreement screens without delay. There is a limit on the initial screens, and if that time limit is exceeded, the exam session will automatically begin.

15. If you encounter ANY computer problem, report it immediately to the exam proctor.

16. When you finish the exam, including a short survey, leave the testing room quietly, turn in your note board, and sign the test center log. The test center staff will provide you with a printed “unofficial” score report and dismiss you after completing all necessary procedures.